About Us

Overveiw : 
Diamond Property - is the go-authority for foreigners who wish to purchase their properties in Turkey, headquarted in Istanbul city Since 2017 , our office located at :

Diamond Property and trading:
Admires the challenging environment at the market place and have always welcomed the tough competition. Our aim is to be unique in everything we do and to be considered as a role model in the business industry. To achieve our vision, mission and strategies, we must gather all the facts, do the right research and analyze accurate reports. We must look at our business as a whole and not to focus on its part.

We truly believe that in the future this will be the only core factor for any successful business. we are  proud of our Brands, Our Team, Our Business Partners, Our Customers and above all that … OUR CONSUMERS.

Our aim is to be recognized as the best icon for Property counsultancy and General Trading Company and we will strive forward to continue growing globally as well as locally.


We listen : 
Our main objective is to make property purchase process for foreigners as easy as possible, We listen Carefully to our clients demands,Reasons to buy and Property criteria ,Then we Provide it ! 
Furthermore ,We support them with our knowledge, experiences as we offer our consultancy  about istanbul real estate market, in order to make them do their investments like the local investors do and even better . 

Trust is our key : 
We do precious our client's trust , and we take the full responsibilities to find them the best and most trusted property developers, we provide them with full and accurate details about the developer history and all of their achievements and their stumbles in order to let them see all the advantages and the disadvantages in every and each development.


Our Mission

  • To Provide our clients with the best priced properties in the market .
  • To become one of the most reliable and trusted agency and investment counsultancy in the market .
  • To be always in our clients side to lestin and bargain in their behalf .
  • To Provide the best after sales services that our client's desirve .


Our Values

  • Customer Service: Our commitment to provide the best services to our customers, consumers and our Business Partners.
  • Team Work: We have the ability to work together towards the Company Vision.
  • Quality: We take pride in the quality of work that we deliver and its outcome.
  • Integrity: One of our core values is Integrity. It is displayed through honesty, fairness and accountability.
  • Fun: We show passion for our work, act professionally while enjoying what we do.


Company Structure: 
our employees considered as a part of DP Family , we have a team of experts and Specialist in all sectors of Real Estate , they are working in different departments of the organization , belonging to differnt foriegn countries in order to speak our clients languages wich indeed made of our organization more diversified.